Professional Touch Acccounting provides the support, objectivity and expertise businesses need to succeed within the context of an ever-changing business landscape. We offer accounting, financial and consulting services to give business owners the support they need to make informed decisions for their businesses to prosper.

We compile your data into financial statements image of business person lokking at a notice, indicating notice to reader
that conform to either G.A.A.P. or to the Canadian Income Tax Act.
We keep your books using either Sage or QuickBooks. image of ledger (bookkeeping book)
If your organization is small, we can also summarize everything manually.
Whichever system works best for your firm.
A business that is large or small, complex or simple, image of calculator,glasses,pen,money and paperwork, indicating payroll
benefits from payroll structure. Professional Touch Accounting
can assist with your payroll and other tax compliance requirements.

Let Us Worry About Your Accounting

so you can look forward to your future.