Consulting and Analysis

Need Results? Our experienced Valuation, Advisory and Consulting team will deliver conclusions that decision makers can rely on.


Knowing what to expect in the coming year can help you image with calculator and paperwork with the word budget in bold
to prepare your business for the ups and downs. Master budgets take everything into account where cash expenditure or receipts, sales, and production budgets look at just one element. All are helpful in avoiding surprises.

Maintaining a healthy cash flow throughout all business cycles image with symbols of business and the word cash flow in the middle
is essential for long-term success. Professional Touch Accounting can
help to manage cash flow efficiently.
New jobs can bring in more revenues but may tax image of a person with a calculator and a receipt, indicating job costing
the existing cost structure and resources of the current business. Accurate pricing keeps your firm from losing money on these new projects and Professional Touch Accounting can help to ensure all costs are calculated prior to starting.
Every firm has a unique cost structure which means different margins. image of a keyboard and calculator and paper, indicating cost structure Professional Touch Accounting can help to ensure all elements of cost are included in determining price. Whether existing, new products, or service offerings.

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